Going West

So Bordeaux it is this time. I just had to get away for a while. No interviews, no people I know. Just me, some walking and the sea nearby. Not that my bank allowed for a week out of town, but hey – I’m improving my French, so it’s an investment of some kind. But what is this, why do I have to justify this trip? There is no need! My first vacation in a year and I feel guilty?! Let’s stop this right away, subconscious mind. I’m here to unwind. So let’s enjoy another Canelé and off we go to Sainte-Cathérine. No shopping though, that was the deal. Just gazing at the windows and the crowds, and celebrating every time I gaze above and see no clouds.



I had an interview today
without illusions, or delay
my soul immediately caged in
my instincts telling me to leave
so I was quick, up on my feet
and almost ran, my heart irregular in beat
now – like that offer – out of sync
no room to breathe, no freedom left to think
time off to sleep, yes, more or less
no thanks
to live I work, no turning back

unsocial media

I’m sorry you’re not feeling well.
Have a nice day. 
I see your text and realize
my skin’s too thin
let’s stay in touch
don’t bother me with real world stuff
let’s chat away
bitmoji here, a gif, a heart
I am supposed to feel the love
but all I see is emptiness
a hurried hi and bye
no friendship left
just phrases, memes, vids and vines
no human touch, no helping hand
no time to talk
no crutch to help a crippled walk

Mothers & Daughters

you ask why I’m still independent
no strings attached
always ready to take flight
you wonder why I’m always single
my home still small
my bags, though empty, close to me, in sight
you say you want my wings to spread
but I’m not able yet to fly
my plumage clipped the moment
he saw me aiming for the sky
and it’s his gaze, his words
his cruelty to you that keep me glued here on the floor
my inability to let you go
to leave you suffering behind closed doors


you claim to want diversity
but all you seek is loyalty
not of the kind that serves a cause
but you alone, no questions asked

beware all those who disagree
with anything you do or feel
who have a mind, their own, not yours
who think, then act – for you that’s flawed

you like a pack to follow you
to howl and poach and follow through
with everything you ask of them
until they fail, no mercy then


Anger is my middle name these days in a world gone mad
Fake promises surrounding me like a swarm of gnats
No loopholes, repellent, tainted hope instead
Iron bars raised up daily by lock-stepping heads
String puppets in a way unaware of their fate
Forcing boxes on others they themselves claim to hate