Firm Virtues

I feel your eyes lingering on my curves
Still hear your voice whispering those words
Of praise, desire and affection
Remember my surprise and initial rejection
Deadlocked inside my heart, my head
Your mouth making it spin instead
I am torn since you have left
Still smell your scent and taste your breath
Fight with images of lust and rage
Unable to ignore your age
I wish I was in love with you
Could, unashamed, give you my youth
Not for one night but for a year
Until your soul has healed, my dear
But I’ve been crumbling since your kiss
Can’t rinse the blues I didn’t miss
Those feelings I had held at bay
Now in full bloom, doubt and dismay
I toss and turn at night in bed
Can’t sleep with you inside my head
See everything I do not want
Crave commitment and a bond
Beyond what you then promised me
I am real, no fantasy
I breathe and laugh and cry in life
I’m no replacement for your wife
I am the lady you revered
A friend who has now disappeared
Who cannot be what you may seek
A lover for your times in need


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