Your hips bewitch me as they sway
your eyes, your smile
the way you tuck your feet beneath your thighs
I cannot hold your gaze or I will drown
You are so classy clad in black
your curves accentuated in detail and yet
so unrevealing, maddening almost
I never knew I would be one of those
My mind is hungry for your love
the kind you spread so naturally, no questions asked
but I have hundreds in my head
could listen all day long to what you say
feel a connection to your thoughts
your attitude and flickered laughs
until I see the frown you make
my heartbeat stops, what did I say
where was I wrong, misunderstood
made you unhappy with my looks
I care too much, your words serene
your voice so soft as you speak to me again
but your smile is dimmed, if just a little
or so it seems at least to me
and I realize it matters, your opinion
a tad too much you may agree
but that’s an answer you will never offer
will never bust the feelings I’m sure you’ve seen
and yet I know I’ll always suffer
for who you are, untouchable, my beautiful dream


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