No Words

There they are again, my tears, because what you say resonates so much, touches my heart in a way you’ll never know but probably understand without me saying anything. I just don’t have the words to express myself to you, admits the writer, the one whose love flows right into another poem to hold onto them, my feelings for you out of control. Before you I never believed in that bond I feel whenever you send a picture or a line. But your timing is so impeccable, throws me off balance for you always seem to know when to say what I need to hear or when something preoccupies my mind.


And then today I got my answer
my heart still aches for you
even stronger than before
“Hey, lovesick!”
someone yells in the streets
as my eye catches a motif
one I know you would like
so I pause for a while
with only you on my mind
your touch a distant memory
your warmth against my skin
I feel your arms around my waist
as I take my picture
your sweet embrace
close my eyes and smell your scent
your smile now evident on my lips


In Your Absence

And then last night
they all crushed down on me
my feelings
forced me on my knees
shook me deep
and left me curled up like a ball
lying weeping on the floor
my heart ripped out
my gut wide open
gaping like a wound
still bleeding

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You Are

You are the dream I cannot shake
the memory I wish I had
the soul my body craves
the hunger I’m incapable to sate
You are the pain that haunts me late at night
the joy engulfing me with blinding light
You are the courage, wisdom, hope I need
make my heart grow and not just bleed
You are the spark my mind needs to create
You are
My heart’s most beautiful mistake



I saw a tree cut down today
its remains cast aside to fade away
young branches a fresh lush green, decorated with buds
their youthful beauty now covered with mud
and as I looked at them they resembled me
those leaves my dreams never meant to be
but like those leaf-buds I ignore the pain
and put my hope into the rain
to sprout some roots, grow and transform
to become a tree unwavered by storm